Dominican International School Kaohsiung Faculty and Staff

The Dominican International School is proud to introduce our staff and administration. Our team is so much more than the sum of the parts because every member is enthusiastic, positive, forward-thinking, and hard-working. Please don't hesitate to introduce yourself!

Sr. Ma. Zenaida T Ancheta, O.P Principal/Directress

Sr. Ma. Zenaida T Ancheta, O.P has over 40 years of valuable experience as an educator. This includes serving as a dietary manager in educational and other institutions. She holds a Master’s degree in Education (Private School Administration) under the Institute for Catholic Education at the University of San Francisco, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary Education with a major in Home Economics and minors in Art and Music. Furthermore, she took a correspondence course in Food Service Management from the Catholic Health Association in the U.S., as well as a Dietary Manager Independent Study course from the University of Florida.

As a young Dominican missionary, she was sent from the Philippines to the Province of St. Ferrer mission in Taiwan to continue her apostolate to minister to the young and the elderly. Furthermore, she served as a Dietary Manager/Nutritionist at the St. Dominic Senior Care Home in Barrigada, Guam (USA). Her steady vision and results-driven management style led to her taking up the position of Principal at the Dominican Catholic School in Guam, which she held for many years until the school was WASC/WCEA accredited. She joined the DIS Administration in 2014/15 to oversee this school’s accreditation process, which will be concluded during the 2016/17 academic year. Her vision has been translated into many positive results in the school.

Sister Cristeta Espinosa O.P. Vice Principal

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Father Prudencio Garcia - School Chaplain / Christian Living Teacher

Father Garcia has his PhD. in Biblical Theology at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome.

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Sister Jean Bergado O.P.  - Activity and Campus Ministry Coordinator

Sr Lorna

Sister Lorna Alamares  O.P.  - School Treasurer

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Ms. Judith Cooper - Curriculum Coordinator

Ms. Cooper graduated with a Bachelor degree from the University of New England in Australia with a double degree in Arts and Education. She majored in English and Linguistics and minored in IT and Communications.  She also holds a Masters degree in Linguistics (TESOL), in which her thesis topic researched methods and tools for EFL learners to improve speaking proficiency through the use of technology.  Ms. Cooper has teaching experience using various curricula including the International Baccalaureate for primary years, Common Core standards-based for middle school, and vocational education and training qualifications for adults. She has served as an elementary Language Coordinator for curriculum development and participated in international school accreditation processes. Ms. Cooper is dedicated to strengthening the DISK curriculum for higher student achievement and looks forward to the next few years working toward WASC accreditation.

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Ms. Joanne Lee - Secretary

Joanne Lee has been with DISK for over twenty years and has had a number of positions ranging from classroom teacher to her present position of the school secretary. She is a valuable member of the community and staff and serves to help the students and the families.

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Mr. Donald Hilden - Prefect of Discipline

Don Hilden has been in Taiwan over 25 years teaching elementary, junior high, senior high as well as university-level students and teachers. His past positions at international schools he has served as a classroom teacher, ELL teacher/coordinator, Primary Years Director, Assistant Personnel Director, Assistant School Director, and Acting School Director / Interim School Director. His education philosophy is to empower students to be active participants in their learning (learning how to learn). Encouraging students to focus on the need to be an inquirer and to use their skills. His education and life experience started with a degree in Public Health Administration and served as part of University of Arizona’s Medical Center Administration. He received his elementary teaching education from Sierra Nevada College, International ESL teaching Certificate from Trenton State, Master of Educational Leadership from The College of New Jersey (International Program) and continued his studies through Capella University, online ED.D - Teaching and Learning Leadership Program.

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Ms. Judy Huang - Assistant Secretary

Ms. Judy Huang comes from the retail business where she worked as a customer service agent. Her Bachelor of Arts is from Department of Logistics Management Shu-Te University 2005 and Department of Business Administration Meiho Institute of Technology 1997~1999. She has served as a playroom supervisor for IKEA, joined DISK as Kindergarten Classroom Assistant in 2015 and became the Office Assistance in 2017.

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Ms. Lana Parker -  Art teacher and Activity/ Event Coordinator

Lana Parker is from Canada and is an experienced international teacher. She obtained her Bachelor of Elementary Education Degree from the University of Saskatchewan in 1999. She has had a diverse teaching experience of introducing students to music, art, drama. Allowing students to develop and discover an appreciation for Fine Arts through the senses of sight, sound, touch, and movement. Ms. Parker will help coordinate festival presentation with homeroom teachers and Activities Coordination Team.

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Mr. Charlie Chao -Grade 6

Charlie Chao is a returning teacher at Dominican International School Kaohsiung. He will be teaching middle school Grade 6.  He is a certified teacher through the State of Florida and is endorsed in math (grades 5-9) and science (grades 5-9). Before teaching, he worked in a variety of schools and businesses reducing their environmental impact by implementing recycling programs, diverting waste streams, and reducing paper consumption. Eventually, he found that he could make the greatest impact by teaching the next generation the importance of conservation, environmental ethics, ecological awareness, and sustainable living. Mr. Chao has high academic expectations for students and demonstrates he is capable of motivating and engaging students to become active participants in their local environment.

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Mrs. Kathe Overland - Grade Five

Kathe Overland has been our music teacher for the last quarter. She and her family have moved to Taiwan. She is pursuing a teaching experience with DISK to help promote students success in both academics and character development, which leads to students becoming lifelong learners that will positively impact the world. Ms Overland has a Master in Education from the University of Washington. She has been teaching since 2005 and worked on curriculum design for kindergarten through grade 6. She had founded a Science Cooperative group that met weekly with early elementary students to explore hands-on-science topics while focusing on building character and teamwork skills.

Ms.Kerri Aikman  - Grade Four

Kerri Aikman comes to Dominican with over twelve years of teaching experience in Taiwan. She received her Bachelor of Science from University of Saskatchewan Canada and her Bachelor of Education (Elementary) from University of Regina. She drives to create an equitable classroom community where she focuses on the needs of students to make the teaching material meaningful. She adapts creative new ideas and technology and explores different methods of teaching to engage diverse learners.

Mr. Todd Jacques - Grade Three

Through a combination of hard work, education, and a wide range of experience Mr. J (Todd Jacques) has prepared himself for the challenge of international teaching.  He has a BBA from Camosun College, Victoria BC and completing his Teaching certificate from Teach Now  (certification program out of Florida USA) He comes to DISK with over seven years of English as a Second Language Teacher in Kaohsiung. He has created the curriculum and taught classes in core subjects. He brings his passion for teaching and lifelong learning to DISK.

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Ms. Phyllis Lopez - Grade Two

Phyllis Lopez is an international American teacher, recently living in Managua, Nicaragua. She graduated with a BA in Education: She worked for over 5 years in a private international American school, accredited by both SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and School) as well as NEASC (New England Association of Colleges and School. Her overall background in language development and literacy is a benefit to her teaching. She plans on being in Taiwan for a number of years while her husband completes his Graduate studies.

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Mr. Benjamin Harris - Grade One

I have been working in the wonderful city of Kaohsiung for over four years now. I am an experienced teacher before coming to Taiwan and have educated students of many nationalities and all ages. I previously worked in Vancouver, and for two years in the Korean public school system at an elementary school in Busan. My teaching certification is from Florida, the USA in elementary education k-8.  As I continue to pursue a vocation in international teaching, the position at Dominican International School greatly appealed to me. A job at DISK has allowed me to employ my communication skills alongside my considerable experience in a more demanding international school setting. Creating and planning my own lessons, and teaching both national and private curricula has given me a keen awareness of what works in the classroom, what makes a good teacher and the flexibility and adaptability required for an international school position. I have spent 2 years studying Mandarin and made a similar effort to engage this country, its culture, and its people. I am well-settled in Taiwan and will remain here for many years to come.

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Mr. Paul Taylor - Kindergarten Two

Paul Taylor Comes to Dominican International School Kaohsiung with over 8 years of successful teaching experience in Kaohsiung. He has a Bachelor degree in Social Work from Langara College, Canada with a TESOL degree from U.B.C.. Mr. Taylor is also planning on obtaining his teaching certificate through online and school mentoring program from Florida, USA. He is a dedicated professional, with a passion for educating all levels and abilities. He uses an empathic, positive and fun approach to teaching, and not only generate maximum results from students but also a love of learning.

Ms.Maureen Woods - Pre- Kindergarten 

Ms. Woods has over 20 years of successful teaching experience in language programs in Kaohsiung. Her teaching experience and passion for educating make her an ideal candidate for DISK.  Her qualifications include elementary teaching experience in both public schools and language programs in Taiwan. She has been involved in curriculum development, organized events and activities, monitored teachers’ curriculum progression to ensure target goals and timelines were met, created lesson plans, provided highly effective classroom management and highly praised instructional delivery. As she obtains her teaching certification through the American Board she is eager to embark on a teaching career in an international school and continue to grow as an educator.  

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Ms. Kelly Chen  - Kindergarten Assistant

Ms. Kelly Chen Is returning to serve as a kindergarten assistant and support art teacher (part-time). She is a professional artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Tainan University of Technology (2011). Her personal and professional work help in offering her insight to her students.

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Mr. Hector Tung - Elementary Chinese

Hector Tung first joined the Dominican International School Kaohsiung in 2009. He earned his BA in foreign language and literature at National Chunghsing University in Taichung. He earned his certificate in teaching Chinese as a foreign language through Wen Zao University. Mr. Tung has over 10 years of teaching the Chinese language experience.

Ms. Theresa Tung  - Middle School Chinese as a Foreign Language;

Ms. Tung is returning to our faculty.  She served as a part-time Chinese teacher during the school years 2004-2006,  Since then she has been actively teaching Chinese at Kaohsiung Medical University and WenZao. She has a Master of Arts in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, ADDITIONAL/ELIGIBILITY QUALIFICATION: Ministry of Education of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Certificate of Qualification to Teach Chinese as a Second/Foreign Language.

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Mr. Garrett McKeen - Health & PE

Garrett McKeen comes from Australia. He received his Bachelor of Arts (2010) and his Graduate Diploma of Learning and Teaching (2013) from the University of Southern Queensland. He has studied languages including Chinese and German, receiving Dean’s Awards in both languages. He, therefore, understands the development of students’ second language learning. He has a positive approach to students behavior and explicitly teaches classroom rules and a code of behavior. He emphasizes that a positive work attitude is crucial to learning.

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Mr. Daniel Sandlian  -   Music, IT. ELL

Duties included creating a standards-based Music curriculum in Atlas Rubicon, creating materials for classroom use, creating comprehensive lists of music to support in-class studies, creation of assessments and exams, creating an inventory list, cleaning and repairing instruments, transcribing and arranging music for performance, obtaining/creating resources necessary for a functioning grade level course.

-ELL Instruction: While sharing duties my duties included helping to develop an ELL program, teaching and assessing students’ progress and maintaining contact with homeroom teachers to provide extra support.

Ms. Megan Louise G. Fugaban  -  Christian Living Teacher  / Campus Ministry 

Ms. Fugaban has Bachelor of Secondary Education for Religious Studies, She has been an active teaching of  Christian Living at Dominican School of Manila. 

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Ms. Jeana Liu - Librarian, Campus Ministry, Archivist

Jeana Liu received her Bachelor of Arts in Economics - University San Agustin - Studied Bachelor of Science in Library Information – University of San Agustin Additional areas of studies - Rubicon Atlas Training and Hands-On Training Library Automation She has taught in Taiwan Public School Kindergarten, Music teachers for 4 years - DISK She has over 17 years of library experience - the University of San Agustin and Dominican International School Kaohsiung (Introduced in-house Library Automation System -DISK). Ms. Liu continues to direct the activities of the library and oversee the student textbooks distribution. She supports the overall program of Dominican as a vital member of Campus Ministry, Activity Coordination Team and serves as the Archivist.

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Ms. Eleonor Valde - IT Support / ICT Teacher, Activity Coordination Team

Eleonor Valde has her BA in Information Technology(BSIT) from Colegio de Sta. Rita. She will continue to support the school’s IT programs (website, class blogs, grade book, magazines, yearbook, and Atlas curriculum charting).

Mr. John Pajarillo  -  Programs'Special Assignments

37 years old, 09 July 1980, Pangil, Laguna, Married, Male, Roman Catholic, 5’8” in height, 80
kgs., Filipino/English, skillful in playing different kinds of musical instruments, band and choral conducting,
musical note reading, composing, and arranging, computer literate (MS Office, MS Outlook, MS Word,
MS Excel, MS Power Point), Audio Recording using Sonar 7, knowledgeable in arranging and editing
using Reason, Finale, Sibelius 6, Sound forge. Performed with the RTB Orchestra to various Concerts
such as Bintang Kecil, Brunei and Thailand Alai Paplern, Brunei and Singapore Alai Paplern. Performed
with JIS Orchestra Showcase Concerts and also to different Filipino, Local and Foreign performer artist
here in Brunei. Attended some Music Therapy workshop in the St. Paul University Manila, Philippines.