DISK follows an American Based Curriculum and presents all subjects in English. Therefore, students must:
  1. Pass the Entrance / Placement Test for appropriate grade and English proficiency level.
  2. Present a record of academic achievement from previous schools with a recommendation letter of good moral character from the Principal or Guidance Counselor. New students will be under observation to determine if they are in the appropriate grade level.  After the observation period, the teacher may accept the new students in the class or recommend them to go to a  lower or higher grade level.
  3. Hold a foreign passport as required by the Ministry of Education. http://english.moe.gov.tw/ct.asp?xItem=14795&ctNode=11447&mp=1
  4. Students must have three (3) photos
Minimum age requirements for new students:
Pre Kindergarten 3 years old by September
Kindergarten I 4 years old by September
Kindergarten II 5 years old by September
Grade I For parents who intend to transfer their students to Chinese schools, the child should be six years old by September 1st. Otherwise, they will have to pass an entrance exam.
Grade II-VIII Appropriate age for grade